I’m Sapna Sharon, artist behind the paintings of Texturetones. My mission at Texturetones is to create one of a kind original piece and making it affordable through prints and print on demand products with creativity, imagination and ingenuity.

As a visual storyteller  my works are an expression of my own self discovery. I use art to evoke feelings and emotions that are beyond words.

Over the years, my work has evolved from traditional landscapes to intriguing abstracts that allow the viewer to contemplate and develop their own interpretation and understanding of my art.

Art has always been my fondest hobbies and I demonstrate great flexibility and versatility in my works. The medium chosen for paintings are based on the theme, effect and texture I like to bring into that particular theme of work.  My works are done digitally and on traditional canvas.

I find myself deeply inclined to the possibility of abstract painting which holds no boundaries in the expression of emotions. 


Artist & Designer

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